Do we all always remember to laptops that we use daily? Especially, in times like this, when the entirety of our lives and education methods have basically shifted to the laptop.

1. Keep Drinks Away From Your Laptop
Many things are fixable when a laptop is damaged in some way, but liquid damage is irreversible. Overtime parts inside your laptop corrode and will not be able to be repaired, they would need replacing. Liquids can also turn your laptop into a fire hazard just by one little slip.

2. Keep Your Laptop in a Clean Environment
You can clean the outside of a laptop easily, but if dust and particles get inside it can have the effect of slowing down your laptop over time.

3. Don't Touch Your Laptop with Wet or Dirty Hands
Working on your laptop with unclean hands can cause electrical failure and cause damage to the internals of your laptop.


4. Don't Lift Your Laptop by The Screen
Always pick up your laptop by the base. Picking by the screen could cause damage to the screen or screen hinges and more likely to slip out of your hands.

5. Be Careful About How You Plug Things In
There are different types of ports on laptops and some of them look very similar. Pay attention to the shape and size of your plug in devices before connecting. Of special note is the power supply, do not force the power lead in as this is a common mistake causing laptops to become unusable until repaired.

6. Don't place Anything On Top of Your Laptop
Even light items can cause damage if the keyboard is being pushed onto the screen without you realising. Heavier items plonked on top of the lid can mean very expensive repairs to your laptop.

jeremy bezanger EI8ZmcJDHSw unsplash
7. Shutdown Your Laptop Regularly
Laptops do become sluggish over time if they are not turned off, whether it is Windows or macOS they will slow down. A hardware reset on your laptop and not being constantly powered up is good for your general laptops lifetime.

8 Take care of the battery
Another reason to turn off your laptop is for battery life, batteries like to have chance to discharge every now and then, which helps to extend the battery life. Constantly plugging in and plugging out your laptop power will depreciate the usage of your battery.

Some of these tips may seem pretty easy and they are, but if you put a little thought into how your laptop is treated these tips will help you to keep your laptop in good health and top condition for years.

Photo by Dai KE on Unsplash

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